At Home

Duane Enterprises listens to your needs and then helps you find the right equipment to optimize your network and computers at home.  Whether it is a computer, tablet, phone, printer, a smart TV, or a game console, Duane Enterprises will do what it takes to make it work for you!

The internet is filled with all kinds of people.  Most people are happy learning and discovering all kinds of information and talking with their family and friends.  But there are those few people that insist on ruining the experience.  Some do it for money, others for fame, and “some men just want to watch the world burn.”  Unfortunately, good people get caught in the crosshairs.

Home Computer Protection

When that happens to you, you can count on Duane Enterprises to clean your computer and salvage as much as possible.  We use some of the best tools available to get you up and going again.  After we clean your computer, we will help prevent further attacks.

The best strategy for keeping a clean happy computer is to prevent virus and malware in the first place. We will install industry leading antivirus and anti-malware protection. Then, we will schedule it to run updates on a regular basis. After your computer is running the latest software to prevent virus and malware, we recommend regular data backups.

Duane Enterprises is an expert in home networking.  We follow the latest technologies as well as understand the older devices.  Every home is unique. We take time to understand your usage and home’s layout to configure the best experience.

Home Network

Bridges?  Adapters?  Repeaters?  Mesh Networks?  AC?  N?  b/g/n?   Does all the changing terminology confuse you?  We can explain the benefits to you in easy to understand terms so that you can find the best network for your budget.  (That is right, we want to save you money!)  Do you have dead spots?  Duane Enterprises will use special tools to measure signal across your house and will find the solution.

Duane Enterprises will configure your printer, scanner, or multi-function office device and make it accessible to your computers, tablets and phones (where supported).  If available, we will also set up email-to-print functions and scan-to-email functions.  No longer will you have to fumble around getting files to the one computer connected to the printer.  Now, you can do everything from any device!  In addition, depending on your printer, you can do it from home or anywhere you are connected to the internet!

Software can always be deleted and reinstalled. However, your data, may be lost. All those pictures you have been saving; all those important documents you have stored digitally; all that homework you have been holding on to; that can all disappear in a blink of an eye.

Trust me, I know. First hand. I have been burned more than once by not properly backing up my data. Learn from my mistakes!

Home Data Back Ups

We will set up a regular back up schedule that fits your budget. Our recommended approach is a regular snapshot that copies your hard drive to a local disk for quick easy restores in addition to a continuous cloud based copy of important files. We will configure your computer to utilize these services as efficiently as possible.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an unbelievable rate!  Soon, every household item will have an internet-connected equivalent.  The nerds at Duane Enterprises is studying and demoing many of these new items.  Some are great and an absolute pleasure to use!  Others, for lack of better words, are available for purchase.

Fun Home

Smart TV, Smart Disc Player, Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast, AppleTV…  The List goes on and on.  Duane Enterprises will make sure your device is set up and optimized to get the maximum bandwidth possible to get the best video experience.

Smart Home

Can you turn on a lamp from your smart phone?  Will your garage door tweet you when it is opened?  Is your home sprinkler system connected to the weather forecast?  Duane Enterprises can make it happen!  You can save a lot of time and water by using a Rachio smart irrigation system.  A Hook smart home device is a convenient and cost-effective way to power on and off lamps.  Let us help you navigate through the world of connected devices and find what works best for you.

Have you ever wondered about your electricity usage?  With a smart energy monitor, you can keep track of how much electricity you are using and watch that graph over time.  Are you worried about flooding in your basement?  With a smart moisture device, you’ll be alerted at the first sign of water.

Let Duane Enterprises install and configure the best smart home devices to make your home more convenient and accessible.

Safe Home

Video surveillance has proven useful to many homeowners.  Let Duane Enterprise bring the additional piece-of-mind of knowing you can see your home when you are not there, or provide evidence in the case of foul play.

Are you bored with your email address?  Did someone get the name you REALLY want?  Duane Enterprises can help!  There is no need to show allegiance to,, or  when you can have

Let us set up a custom vanity email address you can be proud of!  Whether you want to flaunt your fandom, express your expertise, or state your style, we’ll help you find the email address

Are you tired of ads in your email?  Our Basic service and above will provide you email without showing you advertisements.  We will not snoop through your mail or sell it to third parties.  We provide SSL encryption and industry standard security to keep your data safe and private.


The starter package will get you an email address that forwards to your current email address.  That means you will not lose anything you currently have.


The basic pack will provide an email server to hold your messages*.  You can use your email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail to read and send email.


The webmail package will provide you with everything from basic plus a webmail solution to check your email from any browser!


Do you like the advanced tools that Office365 or Google Suite give you?  Want to use those but with your custom email?  With the premium package, we will configure your custom email as the account.  You can utilize the advanced tools, ad-free, with your custom email address.
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