In the Office

Do you have a small business with real IT needs and no IT staff?  Let us help!  We will set up your business to be self-sustaining as well as be there when you need someone.  We will set up your network, computers, and printers.  We can install, customize, or optimize your business software.  We take care of your tech so you can take care of our customers!

Do you work from home?  Duane Enterprises will make sure your office is equipped to provide the best experience as possible.  We will help you find the right devices and set up your office to increase productivity and will even help you find the right tools to make running your life and job easier.

Picking the right computer or device to suit your needs can be difficult.  Let Duane Enterprises assist you in choosing the right configuration for your business.  We can show you when a tablet may suffice or when you should invest in a computer.  Mac or PC?  What about Linux?  We make the best choice you!

Keep the Office Running

You need your computers and people working to keep your business moving.  A virus or malware can take your computers down which affects your bottom line.  That is not counting the potential liability issues.  The best strategy for maintaining uptime is to prevent virus and malware in the first place. We will install industry leading antivirus and anti-malware protection. Then, we will schedule it to run updates on a regular basis. If you are infected, then you can count on Duane Enterprises to clean your computer and salvage as much as possible.  We use some of the best tools available to get you up and going again.  When your computer is running the latest software to prevent virus and malware, we recommend regular data backups.

Keep the Office Ready

Reinstalling an operating system or software is easy.  Getting your data back is not.  You can lose everything if you do not have a proper data back-up and recovery strategy.  We will set up a regular back up schedule that fits your budget. Our recommended approach is a regular snapshot that copies your hard drive to a local disk for quick easy restores in addition to a continuous cloud based copy of important files. We will configure your computer to utilize these services as efficiently as possible.  Finally, we will test a catastrophic failure to make sure your back-up system works.  Don’t lose access to important records.  Make sure you have a back-up and recovery plan in place!

Keep the Office Printing

Duane Enterprises will configure your printer, scanner, or multi-function office device and make it accessible to your computers, tablets and phones (where supported).  If available, we will also set up email-to-print functions and scan-to-email functions.  No longer will you have to fumble around getting files to the one computer connected to the printer.  Now, you can do everything from any device!  In addition, depending on your printer, you can do it from home or anywhere you are connected to the internet!

Keep the Office Connected

Having internet connectivity is more important than having phone service!

That may not be true in all cases but it is often the case.  Duane Enterprises knows how to optimize your network to deliver the quality, reliability, and speed you need to keep your employees working.  By identifying your needs, we can install the right hardware and configure it for your business.  We install both wired and wireless solutions.  We can create secure networks for your employees and guest networks for your clients and partners.  You network is as unique as your business.  Let us make it just as functional!

Email is the most used form of communication.  Do not miss the chance to communicate with your customers. 

Keep the Office Communicating

We will ensure you have an email server and each of your employees have an email address.  In addition, we can set up a digital calendar for both groups and individuals.  These basics are necessary for day to day use.  We can install a private server, use a service on the internet, or utilize another 3rd party such as Gmail for Business or  For most small businesses, using the paid version of a 3rd party service is likely your best choice.

Keep the Office Focused on the Customer

Customer Relationship Management and Financial software are packages most businesses use we can help identify what the best tool is for your budget and integrate it with your systems.

Keep the Office Productive

Every industry has various software packages to address that specific domain.  We can help you identify the correct choice for you and be and be your technical representative to help understand what the package will and will not provide.

Do you have a process that takes too long?  Do you wish you could just click a couple buttons and make it go away?  We can help!  Let’s discuss your needs.  We will help you find the right tool, or create it if it doesn’t exist.  Duane Enterprises has years of experience creating custom software.  Ask us how we can help automate processes, collect information from partners and customers, or provide an application for your associates to use.

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