On the Web

Duane Enterprises excels at online presence.  We can make your business shine on the internet.  Duane Musser started making web pages in the mid-1990s and has continued to grow with the internet ever since.  Whether you just want people to find you on the Internet, or if you want to make money on the internet, and everything in between, we have a solution.  Contact us today to see how Duane Enterprises can help you!

Every business should be on the Internet because search engines are passing word-of-mouth as the best way to find businesses and services.  If no one can find you online then you are rapidly shrinking your potential base of new clients.  If nothing else, you should put up a quick page with your services, hours, contact information, and location.  

Web Page

A simple web page is a great first step.  This is something that provides all the information your customers and potential customers will need to contact you.  It does not change very often.  You can think of this as hanging a sign on the internet, just as you would outside your business.

Contact Duane Enterprises today and ask about our “Just Get Online” web hosting deal starting at $99 per year.

Social Networking

In addition to having a webpage, you should invest in a social networking presence.  Advertise your business online for free with online services like Facebook and Twitter by creating a page, inviting your customers to follow you, and sending them updates.  In addition, you should register with search engines like Google and Bing as well as online review sites such as Yelp.

Too busy to deal with social networks?  Contact us and ask about a “Social Presence” package.  We’ll create a campaign and take care of posting to social network sites.  In addition, we can moderate your pages and bring concerns to your attention.

Web Sites

If you have reached a point where you need more than a simple page to provide information to your customers and potential customers, then Duane Enterprises can help you with advanced web sites.  This is especially helpful when you have a lot of information about your products or you want to show off your work.  Websites may or may not have regular updates.  If your web site does require normal updates, make sure to look at an appropriate maintenance package. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After you have a great website, you want to bring potential customers to your site.  Our SEO services will help build the best online ranking for your site.

There are many variables that go into having a web page or site.  Hosting and Maintenance include the ongoing fees it takes to keep everything running.

Hosting and Domains

Hosting is like paying rent.  It is the money to keep a server with your site running and connected to the internet.  Along with hosting, you will pay for a domain name.  A domain is the human-readable name that is translated into the computer address for your web site.  Domains are registered by the year.  Duane Enterprises can combine hosting and domain management into one monthly or annual payment so that you do not have to worry about any of the technical stuff.  We can also package Hosting with maintenance packages making it really easy!  One payment covers all your costs.

Maintenance and Updates

Maintenance involves many small things.  Just like changing oil in your car or updating your computer, your web site needs regular maintenance to keep it operating at optimal performance and safe from cyber attacks.  If you choose to host with Duane Enterprises, we can package hosting and maintenance together.

In addition to maintenance, you may want to change your web site.  Whether this is daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or on even rare occasions is up to you.  We can even configure your website so you make all of your own updates.  

If you choose Duane Enterprises to perform your updates, you can be billed by the hour or subscribe to an update plan, bundled with maintenance and hosting if that applies, to have a set number of hours each month dedicated for updates.  Most updates are turned around within 24 to 48 hours of approval.  Better guaranteed response times are available at an additional cost.

Contact us today to see if our maintenance and hosting can beat your current provider!